at least $500 or more

Software requirements specification is a document of 40-70 pages, where a project manager describes application functionality and requirements thereto and a designer creates mockups. We offer customised solutions for each idea and create detailed software requirements specifications that reduce the time of further development.

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Is it possible to develop app without software requirements specification?
Yes. But it should be done only if app is rather small. For example, it contains 1-2 screens and requires 1-2 weeks for development. In all other cases we fully describe app functionality and all significant details in software requirements specification - it reduces time and budget of development. In fact a detailed and elaborated software requirements specification is always a basis for successful app development.
Can I write a software requirements specification?
Possible, if you are pretty familiar with platform technical details, interface design basis, and understand application development process. Frequently we are sent only a set of visual preferences as a software requirements specification, and in any case such a document needs modification or full rewriting.
May I order SRS in other company and development in your company?
Yes, you may. However we recommend to order both software requirements specification (SRS) and development in the same company. It will simplify interaction at other stages of app development that helps to reduce the project time and budget.
How long does it take to prepare SRS?
From 2 weeks to several months depending on the project scope. Software requirements specification for mobile app takes approximately 2-4 weeks.
What are the constituents of SRS cost?
SRS cost includes work of a project manager who checks out details, works through technical matters and prepares a document in easy-to-work form. It also includes work of a designer who works through interface structure and interaction details of future users with app, draws sketches of all screens.
Why shall we know a final cost of the project upon SRS development?
For accurate estimate of the project cost a senior developer must know all technical details of implementation and a designer all interface features.
Software requirements specification and analytics
1. Client describes idea of application. 2. Process obtained information and create mockups. 3. Send a complete document for approval. 4. Edit and send the document again. 4. Upon final approval client gets a completed software requirements specification with accurate estimate of the project cost.


at least $1500 or more

In prototyping programmers implement one or several app functions that to be tested on client's device. Upon review a client decides what functions to be improved or modified, and what to be dropped. Approved prototype developers use as a basis for further app.

Do I need a prototype?
App prototype is necessary if you doubt that platform technical features will allow you to implement an idea with 100% precision. Frequently prototype development refers to platform-specific codes of the devices. For over 70 of our mobile platform projects prototyping was done only for 3 projects.
What functions are included in prototyping?
Prototyping includes only certain app functions that you want to check.
Shall be a prototype created immediately in design?
Prototype shall be created without design because its purpose to check implementation of specific technical details.
If upon the review I disliked my idea?
In all previous projects we've managed to find a solution that satisfied a client. But if there is no solution on earth that you need you will save money for full app implemention.
1. Define functions for implementation in prototype with a client. 2. Create prototype that works on the required device. 3. Introduce to a client, consider client's requests and make adjustments. 4. Approved prototype serves as a basis for app development.


at least $800 or more

Our designers create attractive and functional interfaces that make your working with app easy and increase downloads in stores. Based on our 8 years experience and extensive knowledge in the sphere of design we work through a complete app concept, user interaction, animation and visual style.

What is included in app design?
Design includes detailing of crude mockups for SRS, interface interaction patterns, visual design, design slicingfor programmers. We create visual design and slicing for each paltform individually.
May I order design in other company and development in your company?
Yes, you may. But third-party designers should observe strict technical and conceptual requirements for each platform and constantly interact with our developers.
May I order only design in your company?
Yes, you may. Upon development our designers forward you design source taking into consideration all requirements. Slicing is not performed.
How much shall I pay for app design?
Cost is calculated taking into account required platforms, support of tablets, quantity of screens, quantity of additional graphic elements and number of animations. For example, app design with 20 screens for Android and iPhone smartphones with just standard animation shall cost $2000.
How many versions of design do you provide?
We provide 1-2 versions of design. For each visual design we conduct design research that consider target audience preferences, physical references and current design status in a special platform. We ensure that visual display facilitates app operating speed and is pleasant to use. In versions 2-4 screens are usually displayed.
How long does it take to develop visual design?
App design from 30 screens for one platform takes 1,5-2 months. We'll start programming when main screen design is finished i.e. approximately in 2-3 weeks since interface design start.
1. At the stage of SRS we develop sketchy mockups. 2. Design interface interaction patterns. 3. Draw a visual part of first screens and send them to client for approval. 4. Approved style is transferred on all screens that in the course of development we send to our client. 5. Upon final approval we mark screens and slice elements for programmers.


at least $1500 or more

In the course of programming we transform concept into off-the-shelf product. You should start working when you have SRS and approved design. We divide development process into stages with specific terms. Upon completion of each stage our client gets app test version. When programming is complete we'll send product for final testing and fix all bugs immediately.

What do you use in the process of development? Do you use cross platform solutions?
Development is accomplished in Xcode environment for iOS apps and in Android Studio environment for Android projects. We use only native apps as they have a number of advantages compared to cross platform ones: high operating speed, full compliance with guidelines for each latest version of operating systems, capability to use API latest features.
How long does development last and how many stages does it have?
In average development lasts 1-6 months. It is divided into stages, each one lasts 1-1,5 months.
How often shall I get app test versions?
You'll get app test versions upon each stage completion.
What if in the first version I found bugs and design discrepancies?
If so we'll edit discrepancies and send you a new test version.
Can I modify SRS or add functionality at this stage?
Yes, you can modify SRS and add functionality at any stage. But it could increase time and budget of project development.
iOS/Android/WP programming
1. Start with available SRS or prototype, divide development into stages with specific terms. 2. Upon completion of each stage we forward app version to our client. 3. Receive client's feedback and if necessary modify project or SRS. 4. Upon final completion of all stages send a full app for testing to our specialists and our client.


at least $1000 or more

For client/server app our customer will certainly ask for backend. It includes databases, services for connection with app, administration panel and web-site. Backend is implemented to keep up hundreds of thousands hits per day without any delays and falls in the app.

For what functionality do we need backend?
Backend is necessary for client/server apps. In other words if you need to store infromation not only on the device or provide interaction between app users.
How can I select a server? How much does it cost?
Server price and configuration are calculated depending on its actual load. For first months' app you'll need the easiest configuration for $15 per month. With increase of users the server configuration shall be improved. Most public hosting providers have an option for configuration improvement without data transfer.
Do I need a mobile aggregator?
Mobile sms-aggregator is required for apps that need sms confirmation within some operations. For example, registration, if it is based on the user phone number.
Backend development
1. Analyze and learn data flows required for app operation. 2. Design database. 3. Design tools for data processing, develop web-services (API), which will be used by mobile client. 4. Select and deploy live server.


at least $500 or more

Upon completion of each programming stage we send app for testing - a required stage of development. Our quality engineers uncover 98% of fault operations before app introduction in store. In terms of such control users are satisfied, and a number of positive feedback and rates increase.

How long does testing last?
App testing takes minimum 25% of full development process. Testing time may be increased for apps with complex logic and back end interaction. Testing is executed in accordance with project stages, but its larger part is executed upon completion of all development tasks.
1. Full app/site/program is sent to our specialists for testing. 2. All uncovered bugs and defects are registered in special accounting system and edited. 3. Provide our client with app with guarantee of full operational capability.


at least $250 or more

App information in stores includes icon, screenshots, description, keywords, banners and video. We know our target audience and combine these components to attract new users without outside advertising.

What is required for submitting app to AppStore or Google Play?
You need to provide the paid-up AppStore and Google Play accounts only. We'll deal with the rest ourselves.
How long does app submission take?
App submission to Google Play takes a few hours. Submission to AppStore takes up to 48 hours as apps will be inspected for conformance with Review Guidelines.
Under what circumstances will app be rejected?
AppStore can reject app if it fails to meet the Review Guidelines. In this case, app can be revised for conformance purposes and sent for re-inspection. If there are any inconsistencies at the idea level, we will notify you upfront, prior to creation of SRS. Google Play accepts apps immediately but all terms and conditions of the license agreement must be met.
Submitting app to stores
1. Create and approve app icon. 2. Create simple or complex screenshots for app. 3. Select the required key words and description appropriate for a target audience. 4. Conduct submission of app to AppStore, Google Play or Windows Phone store.


at least $500 or more

Promo websites are an additional tool for product promotion among users. With the help of promo website, we describe app and encourage users to visit the store. We highlight a particular issue to be resolved by the software application and create press kits for editors of review websites.

Example of promo site for "Home-made masks" app
Example of promo site for "Learning mosaic" app
How would I know that my app needs a promo website?
Promo website is required if you want to provide users with additional information that will help them to decide whether they should buy the app. Besides, you can place a press kit on the website if you order articles at websites dealing with app review or promotion.
What does a promo website usually contain?
Promo website contains graphic and text information on your app that extends description at AppStore/Google Play. It can contain animated images, promo video and a press kit.
What is a press kit?
Press kit is a set of files for the press combined in one archive for convenience. It contains description of app functionality, screenshots, logos, banners of varous formats and any other information you would like to share with the press.
Creation of promo websites
1. Create website sketches and present them to the customer. 2. Once sketches are approved, we create screens in the design. 3. Approved design will be sent to the layout proof team, then to web designers. 4. Complete website enables app promotion and sales.

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