TOMATO manager

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TOMATO manager
Service to optimize the work of managers of the TOMATO restaurant to manage the delivery of orders
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Mode selection The restaurant manager can select the "Delivery" or "Lounge" application mode. In the "Lounge" mode, the manager acts as a waiter and works with orders inside the restaurant. In the "Delivery" mode, the manager works with orders coming for delivery. Mode selection Order section In the "Orders Today" section, the manager sees all the orders received by the restaurant at the current moment (orders from the restaurant hall are not included here). It shows the status of orders, their signs, at what stage of preparation or delivery they are, the time before the transfer of orders to the courier and much more. Order section Order card The order card contains all known order information. From this section, you can assign a courier for delivery, if there is such a condition, transfer the order to another restaurant, find out the customer's wishes for order preparation or delivery, and much more. Order card Delivery method There are two modes available in this section: courier and self-pickup. When choosing the "Courier" mode, the application immediately prompts the manager to appoint a specific contractor. Delivery method Dish comment Each customer, when placing an order, can indicate a comment on any dish in accordance with their preferences in cooking. This section is studied by the turn before starting to collect the order. Dish comment Couriers This section contains information about all current couriers of the restaurant, their status of work and distance from the restaurant. For the convenience of managers, a map with the location of couriers is built in, here you can also see which order is being executed. Couriers Order history In this section, managers can search for the orders they need across the entire application base, including both the current restaurant and all included in the network. Order history Changing the workload of the kitchen If the manager finds out that the kitchen cannot cope with the volume of orders, he can manually change the kitchen load from the "Settings" section. This is reflected in real time when customers place orders. Thus, given the high workload of the kitchen, customers will know that the order will have to wait a long time. Changing the workload of the kitchen

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